Our Friends

We have a lot of friends that help us turn food waste into usable compost.  We also have friends who live here and hang out with us improving our daily quality of life.  We thought you might like to see some pictures of all of these friends and learn a little more about them.  

We have 4 chickens who all have their own personalities and love to talk to us.  We have 2 cats who are big sleepers and love to snuggle. We have recently added Merlin, a fun loving dog, to our family. 

Then we have the real stars of this operation and that is all the worms and all of the other bugs and microorganisms that live with them.  They work together to break down the organic waste that we produce.  There is about 1 pound of worms per square foot in each of our bins.  That is 1000 worms per square foot.  That is a lot of waste per bin.  Worms can eat 3 times their weight per day so we can process 3 LBs of waste per ever square foot of worm bed.  We are growing and adding new worm beds each month. 

The Worms

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